Jerald Gifford(County Commisioner,Dist.2), Greg Lehrman, and Mark Barnes, attended a Motor Grader Class on April 14th and 15th. The class was very informative with various speakers on Safety, Proper Road Building, and Maintenance of Roadways. There were Representatives in attendance from Volvo and Caterpillar with the newest Motor Graders on the market.  We had the opportunity to operate the new equipment and examine all of the most advanced features in road building and maintenance equipment.  While the Volvo was set up (internal cab) like the John Deere's that we operate, it did have more responsive controls, but lacked in hydraulic power.The Volvo also required a much more intense, regular maintenance (carousel must be adjusted frequently ).
New Volvo Graders

As for the Caterpillar, the in cab was completely different.  There was no steering wheel and no levers. All adjustments were made by using two joy sticks similar to those of a game box. The entire machine is an electronic over hydraulic piece of equipment.  While the Caterpillar was the most Intriguing of the two Motor Graders, the bugs weren't quite worked out.
Caterpillar Cab Left Joy Stick

Over all, the demonstrations and hands on were very interesting and quite informative. Definitely an event worth attending.