Rhonda Henry
Court Clerk
(Democrat, Mangum)
Took Office in 2014

The Court Clerk:
  • Records, files, and maintains permanent records of the proceedings of the District Court
  • Works with Civil, Criminal, Probate, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Small Claims Divisions of Court
  • Maintains appearance docket, plaintiff and defendant docket, and journal docket
  • Maintains files of word-for-word transcripts of court proceedings filed by Court Reporter
  • Collects fees for licenses and payments for court costs and deposits into the court fund
  • Held accountable to the Oklahoma Court Administrator's Office and the Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • Some content may be extracted from OSU Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet AGEC-802 and/or the County Training Program website.  More complete information is available from these sources.
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Michelle Huckabay Mandy Tice Gwyn Hopkins
The Court Clerk 's Office at Work